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Charged With Embezzlement? We Can Help.

Embezzlement charges are typically filed against people with access to and control over company funds. However, just because an employee or executive had access to funds and the funds went missing, it does not point to a guilty verdict. There are effective defense strategies the Jarvis & Hamilton Law Firm can use on your behalf. Our attorneys have extensive experience defending clients against embezzlement charges and other white collar crime allegations in Sherman and throughout the surrounding area. Defense lawyer Matt Hamilton has a BBA in accounting and an MBA in finance, valuable experience when dealing with the intricate paper trail that often arises in an embezzlement investigation. With more than 45 years of experience, Bob Jarvis and Matt Hamilton can protect your rights, your reputation and your career in this critical legal matter.

Avoiding The Consequences Of An Embezzlement Conviction

Embezzlement can take many forms, from fraudulent billing and falsified records, to skimming from the cash register. The consequences of an embezzlement conviction are harsh, and may include fines, restitution and incarceration in state or federal prison. Collateral consequences can also pose significant consequences, including harm to your reputation, professional license and ability to find future employment. Our defense lawyers can protect you on all fronts, aggressively pursuing the best course of action, depending on the circumstances of your case. We have the experience, skill and resources to make a difference.

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