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Strong Defense For DWI And Alcohol-Related Crimes

Driving while intoxicated is no longer considered a minor mistake. It is a crime punishable by jail or prison, substantial fines and court costs, plus possible requirements for an ignition interlock, alcohol assessment, and rehabilitation classes and treatment. A DWI conviction can never be removed from your record and will increase the severity of punishment for any future DWI conviction. The attorneys at the Jarvis & Hamilton Law Firm are experienced in every aspect of Texas DWI defense. We will carefully examine the evidence to determine if there are defenses available to you. Please do not think you have to plead guilty. The consequences are too severe, and there are often problems with the state’s case that could lead to dismissal or another favorable outcome. If you were arrested for DWI in Sherman or any nearby area, call the Jarvis & Hamilton Law Firm at 903-202-0516 or send us an email as soon as possible.

“These types of cases are much more scientific and technical now. You can’t just show up – you have to understand the science and the law. We understand that at the Jarvis & Hamilton Law Firm.” – Bob Jarvis

Searching For Weaknesses

With nearly 45 years of combined experience, the Jarvis & Hamilton Law Firm knows how to find weaknesses in the prosecution’s DWI case. We ask the critical questions, including:

  • Did police have probable cause to stop you?
  • Were the field sobriety tests properly administered?
  • Was the Breathalyzer properly calibrated?
  • Were the breath or blood test results valid?

If the evidence warrants a trial, we have the expertise you need and will fight for you every step of the way. If a plea agreement is truly in your best interests, we will advise you of that and make sure you are treated fairly.

Seeking To Minimize The Consequences Of A Conviction

We aggressively seek dismissal of cases whenever possible. If dismissal is not an option, we look for ways to minimize the penalties our clients face. Depending on whether this is your first DWI or you have prior DWIs on your record, the penalties may include:

  • Possible jail or prison
  • A permanent criminal record
  • Suspension of driver’s license
  • Substantial fines, fees and court costs
  • Alcohol assessment
  • Alcohol treatment
  • Alcohol awareness classes
  • Court-ordered ignition interlock device
  • Community service

We can handle all aspects of your defense, including protecting your driver’s license.

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