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If a friend, family member, spouse or former spouse has filed a complaint of child abuse against you – be it physical, verbal or sexual assault – you must act now to ensure that your rights are protected. Don’t allow a family violence sex crime charge such as child abuse to derail your life, career and interactions with loved ones. You can fight back – and experienced criminal defense attorneys Bob Jarvis and Matt Hamilton of the Jarvis & Hamilton Law Firm in Sherman will fight right alongside you. Bob Jarvis and Matt Hamilton bring more than 45 years of combined experience to the search for solutions to your legal crisis. Their in-depth investigation of your child abuse charges can uncover multiple motives for false allegations of child abuse during your divorce, an argument misconstrued as verbal abuse of a child, or alleged neglect of a child left in your care. It is critical to start defending yourself early with an attorney who has experience in this area. Our legal team’s prosecutorial background can be a benefit to you throughout the legal process, especially during negotiations for reduction or dismissal of charges and at trial. Our attorneys know the challenges you face – and the range of harsh penalties that await you if convicted. You do not want to be part of a bleak future that includes jail or prison, heavy fines, a criminal record and, if applicable, permanent sex offender registration.

“I have two daughters, so no one is more against child abuse than I am. The only thing worse is false allegations against a person for child abuse. We will make sure those false allegations do not ruin your life,” says Bob Jarvis.

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