Helping North Texans Erase Criminal Records

Clearing A Criminal Record To Help You Move Forward In Life

Do you have an old arrest record holding you back on your job or preventing you from renting an apartment? There is nothing more important to your professional reputation than your permanent record. Almost every potential employer will conduct a background investigation of some kind before you are hired. The expunction and nondisclosure attorneys at the Jarvis & Hamilton Law Firm understand the importance of helping people put the past behind them by clearing criminal records and letting them move forward with their lives.

Benefits Of Clearing Your Record

  • Avoid answering embarrassing questions about your past
  • Pass a background check
  • Make yourself more marketable
  • Get a better job
  • Legally say you’ve never been convicted
  • Have your rights restored

“The key is to get your case expunged before it comes back to haunt you. If adjudication was deferred in your case, it is important to get those records nondisclosed as quickly as possible.” – Bob Jarvis


If you were arrested but not convicted of any crime as a result of the arrest, you may be eligible to have the arrest expunged or removed from your record. Once a Petition for Expunction is granted, each agency involved is ordered to send all records concerning your arrest to the district clerk’s office for disposal. In addition, all official websites are ordered to remove any reference to your arrest. At the Jarvis & Hamilton Law Firm, we take pride in helping people clear their criminal record and move forward with their lives. “A lot of good people make mistakes. Let us help you put those mistakes behind you.” – Matt Hamilton. If you have questions regarding an expunction, please call us at 903-202-0516 or send us an email.


Do you have an arrest record that resulted in deferred adjudication probation? If adjudication was deferred in your case and you completed probation successfully, you may be eligible to file for nondisclosure of your arrest and case records. In other words, you may be able to have all information about your case hidden from the general public. There are rules regarding your eligibility and the waiting period, if any. We are available to discuss these rules with you, so please call for an appointment today at 903-202-0516 or send us an email.