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Defending High School And College Students Against Criminal Charges

An arrest for underage drinking, drug use or a sex crime, on or off campus, can have a severe negative impact on a college student’s academic standing and rights in society at large. When serious criminal charges interrupt your university student son’s or daughter’s life, the input and understanding of an aggressive, experienced defense attorney are essential. The high school and college student crimes lawyers to contact in Grayson, Collin, Dallas and Denton counties, and throughout North Central Texas, are Bob Jarvis and Matt Hamilton of the Jarvis & Hamilton Law Firm. Bob Jarvis and Matt Hamilton know how to get to the bottom of why your minor child was arrested for a crime. They provide effective, proactive local representation that saves out-of-state parents both worry and travel expenses. Their commitment to attentive personal service and availability to answer your questions are second to none.

Former Prosecutors Advocating For Texas High School And College Students In Trouble

With prosecutorial backgrounds, our attorneys can anticipate the state’s strategy and counter with timely tactics of their own when a student is arrested for drug possession, a violent crime, DUI/DWI, underage drinking, theft, a sex crime or any other serious offense. We know the many ways that a drunk driving stop can go wrong, and how the police can misconstrue their probable cause to arrest and test the breath of a young driver. We know the role that illegal search and seizure can play in drug busts, many of which occur during DWI investigations. Best of all, we know how to get results for students, and return them to the classrooms in good standing with their schools. Too much is at stake for your child’s future when criminal charges put him or her at risk of expulsion, a jail term and criminal record. Put our firm-wide decades of combined experience, a proven track record, and a name you can trust, to work for your family, starting today. Reach the Jarvis & Hamilton Law Firm at 903-202-0516 or by email message. Your informative, confidential initial consultation is free of charge.