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Client Reviews

Robert Jarvis’s reviews:

Excellent Lawyer

If you’re in need of a fantastic lawyer, then Bob Jarvis is the go-to man. He got my charges dropped and gave me a fresh start! He puts extra care into his cases and is super passionate about his clients. His office is well organized, professional, and super helpful over the phone. Hire Bob Jarvis to get the work done for you!!!! Thank you, Bob Jarvis.

Saved my life

When I was 25 years old I got involved in a federal conspiracy the da told me I was getting auto life. Then both my p.s. I came back 30 years. The prosecutor told me, my family and my attorney (Bob Jarvis) that I would get no less than 11 years. However, because of my tenacious attorney I was free 37 months later … I am now 28 years old and doing unbelievably well. I have a future and a chance at a life that I believe 100% would not be possible had I not hired Bob Jarvis. He literally saved my life. I am forever grateful to you, Bob. Thank you so much for everything.

Wonderful Lawyer

Our family would like to thank Bob Jarvis and the people that work for him. A family member got into trouble with the law and we were so afraid of the outcome, Bob assured us that he would do his best to make sure that it was a positive one. Today Bob called my husband with news that our family has been praying for every day. Thank you, God and thank you, Bob.

Outstanding Service with Excellent Results!!

I don’t have enough words to describe how amazing my experience was with Bob and his staff! His secretary was very nice, friendly and she explained everything where I could understand exactly what was going on, all over the phone. He is incredibly knowledgeable and did everything possible to accommodate me, and for that I am very pleased. They were very prompt in all correspondence and kept me informed every step of the way. From the first day I called until my case was over he made me feel very valued, respected and confident that he would get my situation resolved! His answers to all my questions were always clear, complete and he was very knowledgeable of my case. As busy as life can be, Bob made it very convenient for me to handle all of my affairs via email or phone! That’s right, he was so flexible with me that I never had to step foot in his office! That didn’t diminish the level of exceptional service he provided to me. I put a lot of trust and confidence in Bob and he delivered for me in a very timely manner with results that I will forever be grateful for! My experience with Bob Jarvis Law Firm was phenomenal, and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a criminal defense attorney to work hard for you when no one else will!! Thank you, God, and Bob for all your hard work!

Great lawyer

He did a very swift and top-notch job. He saved me from a life of hardships. Also, very flexible and reasonable. Kind and comfortable to be around. If you want to win this is the lawyer for the job!

Bob Jarvis Recommendation – 2015

Bob Jarvis is honest, direct, specific, professional, knowledgeable, communicative, reasonably priced, and a gentleman. He guided us through a legal situation with a family member….and we live out of state. From the very first to the final conversation, we knew we were in talented, professional, and caring hands. We highly recommend him.

Best Around

Having never been in trouble with the law before we were informed by several people that Bob Jarvis was the man to see so we made an appointment. Not only did Mr. Jarvis show care and concern and listen to us but he gave us great advice and helped us feel safe and secure about our decision to get a Lawyer. His office staffs were kind and compassionate and helpful in reassuring us we would be taken care of. He went to work for us right away and cleared our troubles in two days. We have never heard of any Lawyer being able to work that fast but Bob Jarvis did. If you want a lawyer who is going to make you feel comfortable and reassure you that you are going to make it through whatever it is, Bob Jarvis and his staff are who you want.

Best firm in the area

Bob and his firm defended me on a misdemeanor charge that should have never been. In the end all was dismissed, and to my surprise I got a refund check in the mail from them for funds not needed for my defense. If you need a good law firm to represent you, this is the one.

Great attorney

Very friendly and well-informed, works with you, a very liked personality at the Grayson County court. Probably the best attorney in Sherman.

Worked hard to the very last day!

I was recently charged with a Class A misdemeanor in Grayson – Probation was not even an offer. Bob and his staff worked to get me the BEST deal they could right up to my plea date.

Excellent Lawyer!

Bob helped me with an assault case hat i was set up in. He got case dismissed. Himself and all staff in office were very nice to work with. Bob and Lisa were always there to answer questions and give help in any way. Highly recommended

The one and only law firm

I used the Jarvis Law Firm to file a motion for early release from probation and they were successful. I put in the work on my end and they took the proper legal action for me and I got released 13 months early. I was very satisfied with the professionalism and helpfulness of this firm. They were confident, quick and efficient to solve the problem I came to them with. Also, they were very informative, keeping me up to date with what was going on with my case and answering any questions I had before and after my court hearing. I should have used them in the past and will only use them in the future, if I ever need legal counseling again.

Bob Jarvis is outstanding!

There are no words to express what an amazing lawyer Bob and his team are! I was facing 20 years prison time and he got me 4 years probation. It was the longest year and half of my and my family’s lives but Bob made it so much easier. They always stayed in touch and never left me in the dark. I was able to be an important part of my defense. I interviewed several lawyers and none came close to Bob Jarvis! He was worth every penny!!! When we were in court I was truly amazed at his ability and knowledge of me, my case, and the law. He was so quick! Because of God, Bob, and his team I’m home with my precious daughters and husband! There are no words to express the gratitude I have for him and all he did for me!

Research and Knowledge are abundant at Jarvis Law Firm

Mr. Jarvis recently successfully defended our family in a criminal case. There is no doubt that had it not been for Mr. Jarvis‘ courtroom skills, legal knowledge and the obvious in depth research by him and his staff, we would have been at the mercy of an overzealous prosecutor and biased judge. As a result of his involvement and caring attitude, our family is now able to move forward and put a nightmare behind us. I told Mr. Jarvis that I have never seen anything any better than him on a Law and Order episode! He and his staff truly worked for us with a passion and care that, based off of my previous experience, I never expected from a law firm. It was extremely comforting during court proceedings knowing that we had Mr. Jarvis on our side. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of legal representation.

This man gave me a second chance in life.

Robert Jarvis was a man that took my criminal case when I didn’t know who to get. He supported me when I asked to miss my probation meeting because I wanted to check myself into a rehab. With his support I went through rehab and come out after 6 months a new person. His work with the DA and the judge gave me a second chance on life. I would recommend him to anyone that needs a GREAT attorney. He really did me right. Changed my life.

Wonderful lawyer to work with

I enjoyed very much working with Bob Jarvis, he was always on top of things and letting me know at all times what was going on. His whole staff was very kind and professional.

Sharif Ellis in Memphis, Tenn

I was facing 10 yrs + fed time in Dec.2007 n my sis was referred by a high profile law firm in Memphis 2 contact Bob Jarvis in Texas. When I was told about the lies n false evidence that was stacking against me, I thought my life was over……in walks Bob Jarvis in2 my life n turned it around!!!! At that moment is when I saw God at work on my behalf thru Bob!!!!!! Today the expiration of my probation has arrived 5yrs later, I am overwhelmed with emotions Thanking God n Robert (Bob) Jarvis 4 EVERYTHING

Exceptional attorney

Bob is the most thoroughly prepared attorney I have ever used. I wouldn’t think of ever using anyone else. He has my complete trust and has proven that trust is well placed.

Former client

I was facing a life in prison …my family was devastated at the false claims……now I am not! Thank You Bob Jarvis Best Lawyer in Texas!

Matthew Hamilton’s Reviews:

Matthew Hamilton is an Awesome lawyer

Matthew was a great attorney, that handled my case and got my case suppressed. I would refer Matt to anyone that needs a lawyer who cares.

First Class Representation

Matt has been first class in handling my criminal case. From day one he has been clear in my options as well as giving me confidence that he is doing everything possible as my attorney. Everyone in the office has been just as friendly and caring to my needs. I would definitely recommend Matthew.

Best there is!!!

Finally a lawyer that you can trust. Highly intelligent and he does not miss any detail. From the very beginning he gave me the confidence that we would win. He and his entire office made me feel as if I was the most important client there was. He attacks your case with ferocity while keeping your best interest at heart. He really cares. The case was dismissed! I highly recommend his services to anyone regardless of race religion or nationality. An elite professional from start to victory!

Lawyer of my lifetime.

This man was a tremendous when it came to helping me. Great guy as well as a great lawyer. He gets straight to it, purposes the most reasonable angles in the most down to earth direct manner, and wins. I highly recommend Matt Hamilton.

Trustworthy, Fair, Honest & Experienced

Matt Hamilton was instrumental to the success outcome of my court hearing and legal proceedings. He masterfully navigated me through the court system and my legal options. He listened to my concerns while exemplifying integrity. He took his time to analyze all forms of evidence to build a solid legal defense. His excellent defense made a significant, positive difference in my case. Matt is personable, reliable, and intelligent. He was responsive and understanding every step of the way. I highly recommend Matt Hamilton for your legal needs.

Great lawyer that gets the job done!

Matt helped me get charges completely dropped. I didn’t have to go to trial and I never even had to see a judge. I highly recommend him to anyone.

Matthew Hamilton is the lawyer you’re looking for.

Matthew Hamilton is a great lawyer. This man saved my life. Being on probation, I picked up some cases against Me, from false charges on me for assault and terrorist threat DWI, resisting arrest probation violation, and this man took control and help me and my life is getting back on track. I want to recommend, MATTHEW HAMILTON for any legal problems you have, this is the man that can make it happen. GREAT LAWYER.

Great attorney!!!

Matt is a great guy, handled my case with professionalism and confidence. He helped with a very important case and not only did we win the case he absolutely dominated the court room that day! I strongly advise using Matt for any legal matters!

Saving grace

At a time when I was 98% sure that things were only going to get worse, substantially worse, I finally caught a break. I couldn’t have been more on my own, and at a time when being alone/on my own was the very last thing I wanted, Matt showed me that I wasn’t. The very first conversation he and I had, he made me feel like we’d known each other for years. A comfort someone needs when facing anything that’s life-changing. He even met with me on Sundays, and he never once made me feel like a “client”, but a long time friend!! I’ll recommend Matt without the slightest of hesitation, and will do so with confidence!! Thank you again Matt, for everything!!

Great Lawyer!!

Great at keeping me and my family informed every step of the way through one of the most difficult times in my life. Treated me with nothing but respect. I would recommend this lawyer to anyone I know.

Nothing but the Best!!!

Matt Hamilton is amazing, being young at the age of 18 and never being in trouble he was an attorney who made me feel comfortable and confident that everything will be okay! He was awesome at keeping me and my family informed on all that was going on. From the time we first hired him he was on the case getting it to move along a lot faster. I would recommend him to anyone and if any future references happen Matt will be the go-to guy. He is very knowledgeable on the system with being a former assistant district attorney, he was awesome at explaining how everything work and where my placement was in all of it. He truly cares about his clients and will do all he can to get them the best result!

Matt the Miracle Worker

Matt performs miracles!!!!! He got my husband off of probation after his third violation. He got all his charges dropped despite, all of the overwhelming evidence against him. We were for sure that he was going to prison for the maximum term, but Matt turned everything around and my husband was released that same day.

Very professional and helpful

Matt assisted our family with a charge in collin county. He is courteous, professional and caring. We have never been in this situation before so we were unsure of the processes and he led us through confidently and began negotiating with the prosecutor immediately on our behalf. The case was ultimately dismissed and we would choose Matt again should we need representation. You won’t be disappointed.

Worth every penny

Wow!! This guy is on the ball! Mr. Hamilton had me out of jail and back with my family within hours, when my previous attorney would barely answer the phone. He is very informative, professional, and quick to act. His dedication to his work is apparent through his knowledge and understanding of the law Email Us For A Response.