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Experienced White Collar Crime Defense Lawyers

If you are targeted for investigation by any state or federal agency, you should immediately seek legal advice from a defense lawyer you can trust. Agencies such as the district attorney’s office, FBI, IRS and U.S. attorney’s office investigate and prosecute people for various types of fraud and other crimes involving financial matters. Only a skilled defense lawyer can successfully fight against these powerful agencies. If you are in Sherman or elsewhere in Texas, call white collar crime defense attorneys Bob Jarvis and Matt Hamilton for the help you need. The Jarvis & Hamilton Law Firm represents individuals and companies at all stages of white collar investigations and prosecutions. If you bring us into the case early, we will do our best to slow the investigation down, prevent the filing of criminal charges and avoid any attendant publicity. We will defend you vigorously in state or federal court if the case proceeds to trial.

“Accounting is the language of business. With my background and experience, I can protect you from the government. With a BBA in accounting and an MBA in finance, I will shield you from false allegations and misleading evidence.” — Matt Hamilton

Handling A Variety Of White Collar Crimes

Bob Jarvis and Matt Hamilton have the skill and resources necessary to deal with white collar crimes on all fronts, including investigations, grand jury proceedings, federal and state criminal courts, and proceedings with regulatory agencies. Matt Hamilton understands the intricacies of complex financial transactions and can put his knowledge to work for your defense. Utilizing investigators, forensic accountants and other experts whenever necessary, the Jarvis & Hamilton Law Firm is capable of defending you against whatever charges you face, including:

If you are under investigation or have been charged with any type of white-collar crime, do not hesitate to call the Jarvis & Hamilton Law Firm for help. To schedule an appointment, please call at 903-202-0516 or send us an email.