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Experienced Violent Crime Defense Lawyers

A criminal conviction for a violent crime – homicide, assault, family violence, felon in possession of a weapon – can derail a life and career in a matter of moments. Penalties upon conviction are life-changing and include long prison terms, heavy fines, a criminal record and strict conditions of parole upon your return to society. Now, the good news: You do not have to feel defeated and powerless or surrender to this kind of devastating outcome. The Jarvis & Hamilton Law Firm in Sherman is here to help. In these very serious cases, they are at their best – with Bob Jarvis and Matt Hamilton as skilled, accomplished criminal defense lawyers who believe deeply in your rights and know how to protect them. When the stakes are at their highest, they rise to the occasion, with exhaustive investigation of police behavior, case preparation that leaves nothing to chance, tactics that frustrate prosecutors and presentations that resonate before judge and jury. They put in the hard work needed to defend you.

“Because of our prosecution background, we know what the other side is going to do before they do, and we use that knowledge and experience to your advantage.” — Bob Jarvis

Bob Jarvis and Matt Hamilton are highly familiar with the broad range of defenses available to them while safeguarding your interests at trial. They know that an assault charge can be the result of mistaken identity, a wrong-place/wrong-time situation, personal vendetta or self-defense, among others. Their careful examination of the circumstances surrounding an arrest can often result in reduction or outright dismissal of charges.

Former Prosecutors Putting 45 Years Of Combined Experience On Your Side

The attorneys at the Jarvis & Hamilton Law Firm can protect your rights after a violent crimes arrest for murder, manslaughter, assault, family violence, armed robbery, home invasion, sexual assault of a child or another serious offense. Are you a military veteran, college student, juvenile or business professional charged with assault? We are proud to offer our proven track record and name you can trust to defend you in county, state or federal court. Contact the Jarvis & Hamilton Law Firm to discuss your case in the utmost detail and complete confidence. Our Sherman law offices can take your call right now. Reach us at 903-202-0516 or send an email message.