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Standing Up For Those Accused Of Sex Crimes

The mere connection of your name to any type of criminal sexual activity can destroy your reputation and your relationships with family and friends. If you are in any way involved with a sex crime investigation, it is essential to your freedom and your reputation to get help immediately from an experienced defense attorney. Bob Jarvis has prosecuted and defended multiple sex crimes in his 30-year career. As a Sherman criminal defense lawyer, he uses the skill and insight gained through years of experience to protect people from having their lives ruined by association with criminal sexual conduct. He will do everything possible to protect your reputation as the situation develops, and will wage the strongest possible defense on your behalf if the case goes to trial.

Powerful Defense For A Range Of Sex Crime Allegations

Bob Jarvis understands the devastating effects of sex crime convictions and sex offender registration. He will do his best to protect you by challenging the prosecution’s case on every level. Please call the Jarvis & Hamilton Law Firm if you need to defend yourself against allegations of:

  • Sexual assault (rape): Sexual relations with a nonconsenting partner.
  • Aggravated sexual assault: Sexual assault committed in conjunction with another felony, or when the victim is under 14 years of age, elderly or disabled
  • Indecency with a child: Inappropriate exposure of sexual organs to a child under age 17 or engaging in sexual contact with a child under 17 years of age
  • Child pornography: Creation, possession or distribution of child pornography
    • This offense, if filed in federal court, is considered a crime of violence and is punished with lengthy prison sentences.
  • Internet sex crimes/online solicitation of a minor: Typically solicitation cases are investigated by federal agencies and filed in federal court. A conviction can lead to a lengthy term in prison.

Is your teenage son accused of having sex with an underage girl? Such allegations are very serious and could cause the young person convicted to serve time in prison. It is not a defense if the underage girl consented because the law says an underage person cannot legally give consent. You should seek legal representation the moment an allegation is made, as these types of accusations will not just go away. District attorneys actively seek felony convictions for such behavior, so please do not delay. “I have successfully handled all types of sex crimes. You need an attorney who will investigate these allegations in-depth in order to protect you. That’s what we do at this law firm.” – Bob Jarvis

False Allegation Of Sexual Abuse

Often we see false allegations of sexual abuse of a child, especially in divorce and custody cases. If you are accused of sexually assaulting a child, how can you defend yourself? There are only two witnesses – the child and you – and often the child is coached or forced to lie by an opposing family member. The Jarvis & Hamilton Law Firm has a proven plan in place for your defense and a 100% win record in cases of false sexual assault allegations.

Sex Offender Registration

One of the harshest consequences of a sex crime conviction is the requirement to register as a sex offender. Registration greatly restricts where you can live and where you can work, and generally disrupts your life. Failure to register can result in serious prison time. If you are accused of failing to register for any reason, please call us for help.

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