Helping North Texans Erase Criminal Records

Defending Military Veterans Who Are Accused Of Crimes

Many veterans return from combat plagued with symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Self-medicating with drugs or alcohol often leads to arrest for DWI, drug possession, and other drug and alcohol-related offenses. Criminal charges only complicate and compound PTSD, often escalating the veteran’s feelings of depression and hopelessness.

A Plan To Help Veterans

At the Jarvis & Hamilton Law Firm, we honor our veterans and respect their service to our country. When a veteran gets in trouble with the law, we have a plan in place to help the veteran avoid prison and get his or her life back on track. With an extended list of contacts and resources, we custom design a plan of rehabilitation that will assist you personally and aid in your defense. We have worked closely with the Bonham VA on behalf of many veterans to achieve successful outcomes in these situations. One of our actual cases involved a Vietnam veteran who had been to prison twice for DWI and was arrested for a 13 th DWI. He was facing a substantial prison sentence. The Jarvis team had the client evaluated and learned he was suffering from untreated PTSD. They customized a rehabilitation plan with multiple treatment programs, including therapy offered by the local VA hospital. The veteran followed the plan and successfully completed all of the programs. His VA doctor researched his military record and found that he was a highly decorated veteran, a fact the man never shared with anyone. At sentencing, the VA doctor and nurses voluntarily testified for him, telling the judge about his military record and his commitment to rehabilitate himself. At the conclusion of the hearing, the veteran was given a probated sentence and walked out of court a new man.

“We will make sure to investigate each veteran’s military service and persuade the prosecutor to consider it when working to resolve criminal cases. We respect and honor our veterans, and will do everything possible to help them get through a difficult and trying time.” – Bob Jarvis

The Honor You Deserve

We believe most veterans who have served our country do not belong in prison. Our mission is to resolve your legal difficulty while restoring your honor and helping you regain the confidence you need to move forward with your life. If you are a veteran charged with a criminal offense, please call today at 903-202-0516 or send us an email.