Helping North Texans Erase Criminal Records

Effective Drug Crime Defense Representation

A guilty verdict for drug-related or trafficking charges in federal or state court can put you behind bars for years. Your bank accounts will be drained by heavy fines. In Sherman and surrounding areas, the skilled criminal defense attorney you need on your side – with a proven track record, and a name you can trust – is Bob Jarvis. At the Jarvis & Hamilton Law Firm, Bob Jarvis and Matt Hamilton give you the benefits of their 45 years of combined experience with every phase of the criminal justice process. Our lawyers conduct exhaustive investigation of the circumstances surrounding your drug arrest. As former prosecutors, we know how to aggressively advocate for you behind the scenes. In court, every flaw in the state’s case is exposed during persuasive presentations before judge and jury.

“If you have a drug problem and criminal charges, we not only represent you in the criminal matter but provide you with knowledge and resources to help you overcome addiction and put you on track for a successful sober life.” — defense attorney Bob Jarvis.

Challenging The Evidence

Many drug arrests occur during routine traffic stops and DWI arrests. If your motor vehicle or home was searched without a warrant, if evidence was planted on you or you were not made aware of your rights, the Jarvis & Hamilton Law Firm needs to know about it. Our reputation for positive results is proof that we know how to handle difficult, complex cases in state and federal courts. Criminal charges for drug possession, smuggling, cultivation, manufacture or delivery of marijuana, methamphetamine, heroin, ecstasy, prescription drugs or drug paraphernalia are serious business. You need seriously effective trial lawyers in your corner to thoroughly safeguard your interests.

Arrested On Serious Drug Charges In Texas? The Jarvis & Hamilton Law Firm Can Help.

Have you been arrested on charges of possession or distribution of crack cocaine, methamphetamine or any other illegal drug in north central Texas? Are you a veteran in trouble with the law because of a drug problem? Is your academic career at risk after a drug arrest on a school or college campus? You should contact us right away by calling 903-202-0516 or sending an email. Bob Jarvis will take charge of your case immediately and act proactively on your behalf.