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Types of drug offenses and potential penalties

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2024 | Drug Charges

For anyone who is facing criminal charges, understanding the charges is the first step in the process of building a defense.

Drug charges are serious offenses that can have lasting consequences. A person must understand the type of charge to properly defend against accusations. There are a variety of options the prosecutor may pursue, depending on the facts of the case.


Possession occurs when someone has illegal drugs in their possession. In their possession may mean the drugs are physically on the person or are within the person’s control, such as in their home or vehicle.


Drug distribution charges result from the sale, delivery or transfer of controlled substances to another person. This includes selling drugs, giving them away or even just sharing them with others.

A specific charge that a prosecutor may impose is intent to distribute. This charge relates to the quantity of drugs in a person’s possession, the presence of packaging materials or scales and other evidence indicating that the drugs were not just for personal use.


Drug trafficking charges are among the most serious drug-related offenses. They involve the illegal sale, transportation, import or export of controlled substances across state or international borders. Trafficking usually involves large quantities of drugs and often implies an organized operation.

The severity of drug charges varies depending on factors, such as the type and quantity of drugs, the presence of weapons and whether the situation involves minors. By understanding the charges against them, individuals can improve their chances of a favorable outcome to avoid these serious penalties.