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Consequences of credit card fraud charges in Texas

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2023 | White Collar Crimes

Credit card fraud is one of the most prevalent forms of identity theft, according to the Federal Trade Commission, with over 441,000 complaints in 2022.

Facing credit card fraud charges in Texas can be a daunting prospect. Understanding the law and the potential consequences of a conviction can provide clarity.

Defining credit card fraud

Credit card fraud is the unauthorized use of another person’s credit or debit card information to obtain goods, services or money. This often involves using, receiving or possessing a card without permission. Credit card fraud falls under the broader category of identity theft and financial fraud. Specific acts can include using a card that is not yours, employing expired or cancelled cards and having a card with the intent to commit fraud.

Potential consequences

The severity of credit card fraud charges in Texas varies depending on the amount involved and the specific circumstances of the case. Charges can range from a Class C misdemeanor to a first-degree felony. For misdemeanors, fines reach up to $500. Felonies can lead to penalties of up to $10,000 and possible jail time.

For first-time offenders, there might be opportunities for diversion programs. However, the severity of the punishment depends on the specifics of the crime and the benefits gained.

Defending your rights

If you face credit card fraud charges in Texas, you have the right to remain silent and seek legal guidance. Promptly addressing any charges is important. Gather all relevant information about your case, including any communication or transactions that may be pertinent. Keep records of your financial activities and any interactions with the cardholder, if applicable.

To establish credit card fraud in Texas, the state must demonstrate intentional deception to acquire something of value, typically money. This involves proving a plan to deceive, an intent to exploit the victim, and resulting losses. Knowing your case’s specific details helps determine the best course of action.

Credit card fraud cases often involve complex financial evidence and require thorough examination. If the charges result from a misunderstanding or a mistake, presenting evidence that clarifies your intentions can be beneficial.

Facing credit card fraud charges in Texas is a serious matter. Taking proactive steps to address the situation and gathering all relevant information can help navigate this challenging circumstance.