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Things to avoid if under investigation for a white collar crime

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2022 | White Collar Crimes

Shock is usually the first thing people feel when they learn they are under investigation for fraud or another white collar crime. Fear is typically the next emotion they experience, but fear can affect decision-making.

Before you do anything, take control of your emotions to ensure your decisions are sound and serve your best interests. It is also wise to start thinking about a defense in case the authorities file charges against you.

Don’t make the situation worse

Law enforcement takes a harsh stances against white collar crimes that defraud Americans and government agencies. These cases are typically dealt with aggressively on the state or federal level. Although early action is appropriate when being investigated, make sure you do nothing to worsen your situation.

  • Don’t say anything. Remember to exercise your right to remain silent, whether under arrest or not. You do not have to give statements to investigators, and you shouldn’t speak at all without legal protection. Avoid talking with others about the investigation as well.
  • Don’t shred anything. Put your shredder away and avoid using it altogether until the investigation is over. If it even looks like you may be destroying records or documentation, it could make things much worse for you. You may inadvertently give those investigating the crime cause to look deeper into your possible involvement.
  • Don’t delete anything. Similarly, you should not delete anything stored on your computer or cellphone. Destroying electronic records will likely increase suspicion. The technology available to law enforcement agencies makes it possible for them to recover deleted records anyway.

If the investigation leads to arrest, seek legal guidance early and make sure you understand how Texas courts deal with white-collar crimes like fraud.