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Factors to consider in a defense strategy?

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Finding out that you’re facing criminal charges is a shock. One of the first things you have to do is determine how you’re going to handle the case. Even at the beginning of the case, you’ll have decisions to make. 

At the start of the case, you have to enter your plea for the matter. The only way you should enter a guilty plea is if you admit you did the crime and are ready for the court to sentence you. Many people choose to enter a not-guilty plea because it enables them to explore a possible plea deal or to get their defense together for a trial.

What types of defenses are used in criminal matters?

Defense strategies must be tailored to the case at hand. What worked for one similar case might not work for your case unless they’re identical. Instead of trying to shoehorn a defense into your case, you need to look at the specific elements that are present.

One thing for defendants to remember is that they have a presumption of innocence. This means that a conviction can only occur if the evidence shows “beyond a reasonable doubt” that the defendant committed the crime. 

There are many different ways to present a defense strategy. This includes admitting a role in the crime, totally denying the actions, or admitting some guilt and explaining it. 

Understanding what to include in a specific defense strategy can take a lot of thought and knowledge of the law. Working with someone who’s knowledgeable about how to craft a truthful defense strategy is beneficial.