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Did celebrating July Fourth end up with a DUI arrest?

On Behalf of | Jul 4, 2022 | DWI Defense

When you spend so much time working, it is only right you make the most of public holidays such as July Fourth. Yet, celebrating Independence Day with alcohol and then driving could cost you your freedom or even your life.

Independence Day was ranked as the third most deadly day on the road in one report of 2020 crash statistics. It had 440 fatal crashes. Second place went to Labor Day with 445 crashes and first place to Memorial Day with 448. Hence, the police go out in numbers to catch anyone they believe has been drinking alcohol before driving on these dates.

The chances are they will catch plenty of people, and if one of them is you, it’s crucial to know what to do next.

Don’t admit to drinking

If the police pull you over, they will likely ask if you have been drinking. You do not need to tell the truth, and doing so could give the police cause to make you take a test. As with most situations involving police questions, saying nothing or saying no is often safer. Remember, they could still charge you if they believe alcohol has impaired your driving, even if you pass the tests.

Call for help if arrested

If the police arrest you, it is best to ring for legal help immediately. A DWI will have a significant negative effect on your life with possible jail time, fines, insurance increases and a criminal record that could harm your chance of employment. Even if you know you made a mistake and should not have been driving there may be ways to avoid a DWI conviction.