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Actions to avoid if facing a white collar charge

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2022 | White Collar Crimes

You might panic when you first find out that you might be investigated for a white collar crime. These crimes can come with heavy consequences. So while you would be right to feel frightened, you’d be wrong to act while in a state of panic. Doing so could lead you to make errors that make your situation much worse.

Investigators carry out broad searches, so just because you fall under their scope does not mean they will prosecute you. Yet, you could face prosecution for separate charges if you act incorrectly. For example:


You could face perjury charges if you lie in sworn statements to investigators, the police or a court. Understanding what you are obliged to say and what you can avoid saying is crucial to avoid feeling the need to say something even vaguely or partially untrue. 

Obstruction of justice

Do not try to save yourself, a friend or your company by tampering with evidence or destroying it. If the investigators believe you have been attempting to make their job more difficult, they may seek to prosecute for obstruction of justice.

Resisting arrest

Getting arrested does not mean you will end up being convicted. If the police want to arrest you, go quietly to avoid additional charges. You can contest it later. Remember, their version of resisting arrest might not be the same as yours, so avoid anything they could construe as resistance.

Getting urgent legal help is crucial when you first suspect you could face investigation. Someone who understands the situation and the laws can explain things to you and free you from unnecessary worries. They can help you avoid doing anything that could harm your defense. If the investigation proceeds, they can help you consider your defense options.