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When are guns allowed on Texas college campuses?

On Behalf of | May 25, 2022 | Gun Crimes

If you have a college student who just got a concealed carry license for a handgun and wants to take it with them back to school in the fall, don’t let them do it until you’ve done some research. It’s important to learn about Texas’ “campus carry” law and the regulations set by your child’s specific school.

Under the campus carry law, public and community colleges and universities may not prohibit concealed weapons completely. However, they have the right to regulate where they can and cannot be carried. They may choose to prohibit them from dorm rooms, libraries, classrooms and/or professors’ offices, for example. However, these restrictions must be clearly stated. They are prohibited on all campuses, however, from university hospitals as well as sports events.

Public vs. private institutions

The campus carry law applies only to public institutions. Private schools, on the other hand, can prohibit concealed carry of firearms completely. It should also be noted that the law applies only to concealed firearms. Open carry of firearms is not permitted on any college campus.

Of course, many college students aren’t legally allowed to own a handgun at all. The minimum age in Texas is 21 unless a person is in the military. Then it is 18. To be licensed, applicants must pass a course. Certain criminal convictions and other issues, like a documented record of mental illness, can also prohibit someone from being licensed.

If your student isn’t clear on their school’s concealed carry regulations, it’s crucial to find out what rules are in place. If they’re already facing a weapons-related charge, it’s crucial to have legal guidance to help protect their rights and their future.