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Can you get in trouble for marijuana paraphernalia in Texas?

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2022 | Drug Charges

As you know, marijuana and its byproducts remain unlawful in the state of Texas. While the state government may be relaxing its stance against cannabis, you can still face significant criminal charges for possessing and selling weed.

Since marijuana is illegal, so are the accessories people use to ingest or use this substance. That means that marijuana and other drug paraphernalia can land you in nearly as much legal trouble as the substance itself.

What are some examples of illegal drug paraphernalia?

Cannabis users can turn almost anything into a vehicle for ingesting weed, from an empty toilet paper roll to a sheet of aluminum foil. You probably will not face an arrest for carrying around a tube of paper and a piece of foil unless perhaps it is coated with cannabis residue. Some examples of what is illegal and easily identifiable as drug paraphernalia includes:

  • Small plastic baggies and other packaging products
  • Equipment and products used to manufacture drugs
  • UV lights and other items for use in growing marijuana
  • Glass, porcelain or metal pipes for crack or freebase cocaine
  • Scales to weigh drugs and packaging products like small baggies
  • Pipes, bongs, rolling papers, grinders and other items used for marijuana consumption
  • Needles or syringes for injecting illicit substances (heroin, methamphetamine, etc.)

According to Norml, you can face costly fines for having drug paraphernalia in your possession. If caught selling paraphernalia in north Texas, you could face up to two years of incarceration plus fines approaching $10,000.

As the nation continues to revisit the statutes regarding cannabis, it is wise to remain alert to changes in the law. We urge you to learn more about drug crimes and their corresponding penalties if the police recently arrested you on drug charges.