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Advocacy is critical in ensuring you do not incriminate yourself

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Any criminal charge you face is a serious matter requiring swift action to defend yourself. Even seemingly minor offenses such as a DWI or marijuana possession come with harsh consequences upon conviction. Logically speaking, the best way to protect your record, freedom and finances is to avoid conviction.

Many Fort Worth and Sherman residents shun legal counsel in the face of criminal charges, believing they can fight alone and succeed. In nearly all cases, this do-it-yourself defense approach fails.

Why is it hard for defendants to succeed alone?

The reasons why a do-it-yourself criminal defense fails are many and varied, but three of them include:

  1. Defendants are at a high risk of incriminating themselves
  2. Most have a poor understanding of savvy interrogation tactics
  3. They do not usually know how to prevent the filing of additional charges

Self-incrimination is one of the top reasons defendants fail to avoid conviction when facing criminal charges.

You may feel you are worldly enough to avoid incriminating yourself. However, police officers, investigators and even prosecutors are skilled in the art of interrogation. You may say much more than you should if you try to explain yourself to the authorities without protection.

For example, if you try to fight your charges alone, you will likely need to communicate with the authorities at some point in your journey. Your right to avoid self-incrimination will mean very little if you inadvertently say something wrong at such a point.

Learning more about self-incrimination might help, but it cannot typically replace the intense advocacy a seasoned defense professional can provide. For best results, defendants need legal protection the moment they realize they are in trouble.